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Vendor Comments

Enter any comments/complaints/praise you have about library catalog vendors.  If you find a patron catalog you like but don't know which vendor supports it, put it in the Favorite Public Catalogs section.





Favorite Public Catalogs




III (Innovative Interfaces)







Evergreen (Open Source)

Koha (Open Source via LibLime)







 Adam's Memorial Library

"Our bookmobile uses the full Polaris product thanks to internet access across a Verizon air card.  We are pretty hilly here in southwestern Pennsylvania, so there are a handful of pockets of terrain where we do not have service but surprisingly few. . . There are twenty libraries (plus my three branches and one other library’s single branch) using a union catalog and a common patron database.  It was a challenge to retro-fit everything together into a true joint system from where we started (this process began four years ago but most of the merging took place within the last nine months). . .  The biggest factor in making this a success was in the proper setup of our Polaris profiles.  If you are not far enough along in the process to know about the profiles, those are the complete set of parameters you tell the computer to operate under to make it perform for your own unique setting—loan periods, permission levels for staff access to features, how you want the system to handle fines, text for overdue notices—pretty much everything.  If you do those carefully enough, then the switch ought to go smoothly. . . . I knew going in that no system is perfect, and that no matter how great we thought Polaris was going to be (especially compared to Athena!) that we would inevitably start to see features we disliked.  We’ve had the system long enough now to be seeing a handful of such issues, but they have all be minor enough that I can say the project was DEFINITELY worthwhile and that the decision to go with Polaris was a good one."


Monroe County Public Library

"We use Polaris on our Bookmobile and Van, and are generally very happy with it.  Of the various vendors we considered, Polaris was the only one committed to making their product work in our mobile environments.  We switched over from Innovative, so I don’t have any input on what the Dynix migration will involve . . .We use laptops with Verizon PC cards.  Broadband (“3G”) isn’t available in our area yet, so to improve the speed we use a Terminal Server setup—“Citrix” is a similar solution that should also work.  There are a few things that bug me about Polaris--mostly that it involves more keystrokes/mouse clicks than necessary to navigate between functions.  But it has been very stable, reasonably quick, and they’ve been very responsive to our questions/requests."




Ex Libris












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