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Tech Services

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Tech Services Features



First Thoughts

I'm using this section to jot down my initial thoughts but eventually everything should be listed in one of the categories below: Required, Strongly Preferred, Optional but Nice to Have, and Not Needed.




(New ILS must have these features)

  • The ability to show on order in PAC if the library desires to do so
  • Ability to display notes to staff during check-in (i.e. special instructions for particular titles)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to keep track of funds, encumbrances and expenditures as orders are created
  • Acquisitions: Full PO Header, PO and PO Line Information available for viewing (title, author, price, quantity, aproved/unapproved, etc)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to enter barcode when item received
  • Acquisitions: Ability to sort and search (especially when receiving)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to switch between edit and receiving mode
  • Acquisitions: Edifact purchase order responses and invoices
  • Acquisitions: Ability to create a credit memo (damaged items, etc)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to look up edifact exceptions
  • Acquisitions & Cataloging: Ability to do batch item and bib edits
  • Acquisitions: Ability to transfer bib level request queues
  • Cataloging: Data integrity reports (such as duplicate ISBN and duplacet Control number)
  • Catologing: Ability to export records in standard MARC format
  • Cataloging: Interface with OCLC
  • Cataloging: The ability to manually link a brief order record to a full MARC record after the item has been received
  • Cataloging: Batch delete bibs
  • Cataloging: Find duplicate fields
  • Cataloging: See & Manipulate blind references
  • Cataloging: Setting Import Status
  • Cataloging: For series, ability to see author/title instead of just title
  • Cataloging: The ability to add MARC records to the  PAC in real time
  • Cataloging: The ability to run incremental MARCOUTs that included adds, updates, and deletes for all libraries
  • Cataloging: The ability to load new Authority Control files in real time without having to bring the system down
  • Cataloging: The ability to make global changes to authorized headings and subfields, both through loads or manually
  • DATABASES:  Ability to work with EZproxy remote authentication system
  • DATABASES: Seamless integration with Serials Solutions 360 Search (federated search).  This would be for the patron side (HIP)
  • Serials: Download all serial records from EBSCO including distribution pattern
  • Serials: Electronic claims for issues that don't come
  • Serials: Reports that indicate which issues are missing, which libraries are missing which issues, or all the magazines that just one location receives
  • Serials: Ability to put in summary of holdings
  • Serials: Serial summary information show up in HIP also for each issue
  • Serials: Ability to choose damaged, not coming (not published and not available options), set expected arrival date, force claim, cki
  • Serials: Ability to hit a control key from bib list and send to serials cki or control, etc
  • Serials: Ability to add notes to serial records
  • Serials: Batch item delete capabilities
  • Serials: Ability to do batch change records



Strongly Preferred

  • Ability to seamlessly open/have access to other circulation and other modules (i.e., cataloging, serials)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to catch, while receiving, patron holds placed on “on order” titles
  • Acquisitions: Internal notes associated with an order to appear in a pop up box or be otherwise visible
  • Acquisitions: Ability to add a new item to an order if it isn't via electronic ordering (like when using Amazon)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to change payment from statement approval to prepaid option
  • Acquisitions: Ability to add distributions (such as 2 copies go to CP and 1 goes to Far)
  • Acquisitions: Ability to create/apply special charges (i.e., postage & handling, processing fees) and credit memos
  • Acquisitions: Ability to place patron holds in the acquisitions module when creating an order
  • Acquisitions: The ability to send orders electronically to the vendor
  • Acquisitions: Ability to print from on-screen a list of ordered titles/publishing information
  • Acquisitions: System alerts of duplicates in order file, based on title or ISBN, as new orders are created
  • Acquisitions: Ability to change vendor at any time
  • Acqusitions: VIP
  • Acquisitions: Ability to look up budget code definitions
  • Acquisitions: Ability to input discount
  • Acquisitions: Lookup Budget Hierchachy
  • Acquisitions: Ability to transfer item level request queues
  • Acquisitions: Acquisitions to other modules such as circ (for requests), cataloging, etc
  • Acquisitions: The ability to receive and process electronic confirmations from the vendor (i.e. automatically update orders that have been cancelled or delayed at the vendor’s end for out-of-print, backordered, or not-yet-published titles).
  • Acquisitions: The ability to send electronic orders in real time (not as part of an overnight process) and get same day electronic confirmation from the vendor
  • Cataloging: Don't necessarily want when last item deleted bib deleted (in case we order more)
  • Cataloging: strong keyboard interface
  • Catologing: When deleting item records, have the opportunity from the same screen to resolve issues such as existing holds, etc
  • Cataloging: Cataloging Record Security (authorized people only)
  • Cataloging: The ability to use locally defined subject headings without interference from Authority Control (have AC ignore local 69X and 79X tags) or to create locally defined AC records
  • Cataloging: Ability to view but not rights to edit cataloging record depending on user
  • Cataloging: Auto deletion of authority when last bib deleted
  • Cataloging: Ability to use two ILS sessions at once
  • Cataloging: Good interface with acquisitions and serials module to cut down on staff time
  • Cataloging: Link Checker
  • Cataloging: Ability to edit just a single line depending users (such as awards)??
  • Cataloging: The ability to restrict access to Authority Control maintenance functions by password
  • Cataloging: The ability to generate the following reports: new or duplicate headings from loaded bibliographic records, Headings used for FIRST Time, INVALID headings used, BLIND References, duplicate authority RECORDS
  • Cataloging: The ability to keep unattached Authority records (not attached to a bibliographic record) in order to retain cross-references to broader or narrower terms
  • Cataloging: The ability to copy and paste tags from one bibliographic record to another
  • Cataloging: The ability to do full screen editing instead of having to work with one tag at a time
  • Cataloging: Ability to allow certain users access to edit only specific MARC tags
  • Cataloging: The ability to delete a library's item with fines/transactions attached.  Can the fines be kept, including the title/barcode information, on the patron's record even after the item has been deleted?
  • Serials: Ability to change predictions or edit serials record after it has been created
  • Serials: Way to automatically change a serial issue from "new" to a status that can be checked out
  • Serials: Claim alerts
  • Serials: Ability to do predictions


Optional but Nice to Have

  • Acquisitions: Ability to change what is displayed on the fly
  • Acquisitions: When ordering DVD Series, find someway to have specific copy records imported so patrons can put appropriate holds and not have to wait till items have been received
  • Acquisitions: Ability to track vendor performance in filling orders and providing discounts
  • Acquisitions: Ability to create session defaults to automatically fill in fields on the order record for repetitive information (i.e., fund, vendor being used, PO number, etc.)
  • Cataloging: Spell-checker
  • Acquisitions: The ability to create a list of titles under consideration that would not be listed in PAC
  • Acquisitions: The ability to purge the list of titles under consideration using a batch process based on order status and date of creation of order record
  • Serials: Ability to delete multiple issues from the grid in a single step


Not Needed

  •  Cataloging: We really don't need z39.5 search as much because most records come from OCLC

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