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 Reporting Features



First Thoughts

I'm using this section to jot down my initial thoughts but eventually everything should be listed in one of the categories below: Required, Strongly Preferred, Optional but Nice to Have, and Not Needed.




(New ILS must have these features)

  • Ability to query database using standard SQL
  • Graphic front-end for staff to create own reports
  • Ability to set up specific reports for automatic delivery to each library (OR DEPARTMENT) based on library needs/DEPARTMENT NEEDS 
  • Basic circulations stats (daily, monthly, yearly, etc)
  • Reporting tools for specific status (i.e. a list of claimed returned, trace, etc) - limited by specific branch
  • Intralibrary Loan reports
  • Strong emphasis in collecting and analyzing data
  • Prenotifying of items that will be due soon (would take away existing patron functionality otherwise)
  • The ability to send notices directly to patrons via email
  • The ability to have an automated system telephone the patron to notify them of overdues, holds, etc.
  • The library can run reports locally
  • The ability to generate monthly item circulation statistics based on item type and call number range
  • Ability to report the number of new borrowers registered in a certain month
  • The ability to generate shelf list reports
  • The ability to generate monthly items added/items deleted reports
  • The ability to generate monthly item count statistics based on item type and call number range
  • The ability to generate item list reports based on item type, sorted by call number
  • Reports on orders, i.e., by status of order, vendor, date of order, fund, invoice number, subject, requestor, etc.
  • Ability to provide real-time reports about orders, based on vendors, order dates, funds, order status, etc., allowing the library to run these reports from a local workstation and showing the results on-screen rather than being produced at the central site for distribution back to the library.
  • The ability to design and run customized reports based on library-specific criteria
  • Reports on titles, subjects, vendors, number of issues checked in, etc.
  • Claim alerts
  • Ability to display notes to staff during check-in (i.e. special instructions for particular titles)
  • Anonymous Demographic and circulation analysis capabilities


Strongly Preferred

  • Pretty web graphical dashboard with real time stats
  • Anonymized Stats on how patron use library (i.e. be able to say if males between 24-30 tend to check out NF, etc) and more dempographic stat info available
  • Intregrated reporting
  • Ability to send reports and notices to libraries via automatic email delivery
  • Be able to tell when patron has used card for any purpose (such as PC Reservation, databases, etc)


Optional but Nice to Have

  • Ability to track how many distinct borrowers check out
  • Ability to track how many times a specific borrower has checked out during the month


Not Needed


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