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Misc and Other

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Misc & Other Features



First Thoughts

I'm using this section to jot down my initial thoughts but eventually everything should be listed in one of the categories below: Required, Strongly Preferred, Optional but Nice to Have, and Not Needed.



(New ILS must have these features)

  • A lot more training when migrating compared to Horizon transition
  • Z39.50 server/client
  • Integration with Self-Check and PC Reservation type products
  • Ability to work with a product that does database authentication (specifically EZproxy authentication)


Strongly Preferred

  • Ability to import MARC records from OverDrive and link that OverDrive record directly to title in OverDrive website.
  • Ability to copy and paste within the ILS (i.e. copy an item barcode from one screen and paste it into another screen)
  • Integrate with a link resolver - help people use our databaes


Optional but Nice to Have

  •  Integrated instant messaging option for staff


Not Needed


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