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Circulation Features



First Thoughts

I'm using this section to jot down my initial thoughts but eventually everything should be listed in one of the categories below: Required, Strongly Preferred, Optional but Nice to Have, and Not Needed.


  • The ability to check an item on the hold shelf out to another patron, allowing the hold shelf patron to be either placed back at the top of the hold list OR allowing user to cancel hold shelf patron reques



(New ILS must have these features)

  • Ability to create floating collections and choose which libraries participate in the floating collections
  • Separate loan periods, closed dates, charge and renewal limits for each library and branch of each library Moved to Strongly Preffered
  • The ability to return an item at another library, placing the item ‘in transit’ for the owning library (and not lose the patron ID and name of the patron who had the item last)
  • The ability to easily update all patron records, even those not registered at home library
  • The ability to pay patron fines, even those not incurred at home institution
  • Ability to choose pickup location for holds
  • Ability to make specific items unavailable for hold requests (via something like an itype and via status if missing, etc)
  • Different cki modes (book drop, normal, in-house, lost, damaged)
  • Ability to assign the equivalent of btypes and bstats to patrons
  • Fast add option
  • Ability to add notes including ILL notes
  • Ability to look at comment history, particularly for ILL
  • Ability to have multiple item types
  • Ability to manually change due date
  • Ability to create custom reports
  • Ability to renew items, place holds, cancel holds
  • Integrated online payment of fines and fees
  • Self-pickup of holds
  • Homebound functionality (books by mail, etc)
  • The ability to place item level holds and bib level holds
  • Ability to create manual fines or fees
  • Different levels of access for supervisors, normal staff, etc
  • The ability to mark items “claims returned”
  • Once items are set to claimed returned, the should eventually age to lost and then charge the patron for these items if they are never found
  • Inventory options
  • Ability to enforce patron data integrity
  • Automated way to age patrons to inactive status


Strongly Preferred

  • The ability to mark items “claims returned” Moved to Required
  • Once items are set to claimed returned, the should eventually age to lost and then charge the patron for these items if they are never found  Moved to Required
  • Ability to limit to specific library and branch’s database (for searching, placing holds)
  • Separate overdue, lost notice schedule for each library (i.e. wait 6 months for ILL instead of 3, etc)
  • Off-Line Circulation module that uploads circ info once main system is back online
  • More auditing of waiver/payment notes by staff
  • Ability to communicate with 3rd party payment options (ie. PayPal) to automatically update patron record and send confirming email of payment received
  • System that utilizes API communication - or current popular information sharing coding to communicate with 3rd party vendors that are not SIP or ESIP protocol based
  • Put in fuctional checkin notes (appear before the cki process happens and then give option whether or not to proceed)
  • Ability to interrupt request chain (i.e. if a highly requested item is returned, have the option to change status to send for repair instead of filling next hold)
  • Better handling of damaged items (actually able to use damaged status -- more cross referencing of borrower and item damaged notes)
  • Inventory options Moved to Required
  • Ability to add longer comments to borrower records and show whole message in patron interface
  • Multiple search options for borrowers (address, phone #, etc)
  • Ability to track duplicate borrowers
  •  Ability to quickly change status of item
  • Ability to remember last barcode entered Moved to Optional
  • More auditing and better documentation when viewing blocks
  • Show blocks in chronological order Moved to Optional
  • Hold pull priority so if pick-up location has item, it appears on that locations pull list instead of whoever runs pull list first after request has been placed
  • Separate loan periods, closed dates, charge and renewal limits for each library and branch of each library
  • Ability when doing pull list to mark item as missing and then notify the patron of the problem automatically if it's the last available copy (or if item specific request)
  • Streamlined CIV process (better way to age items from new to old)


Optional but Nice to Have

  •  Ability to type in patron name in the same field that you use for barcode (apparently you could do this with Dynix).
  • Ability to see last two patrons (name and barcode) to have borrowed an item (even after item has been checked in)
  • Ability to order DVD requests (so disc one comes in, then disc two, etc)
  • See who owes fines on an item and who has the item on the hold shelf (Unclear)
  • An inventory control module, integrated with the circulation system Already addressed
  • An interlibrary loan module that allows easy searching and placing ILL holds in non-Horizon library databases
  • The ability to link family members together by patron record
  • Ability for ILS to auto change status (such as age an item from "new" status to "normal" collection/status)
  • More integration between staff and patron interface (so can show patron what searching looks like for them)
  • Multiple damage options (damaged but can be repaired versus must be replaced) Already addressed
  • Ability to do a compound search for borrowers by multiple criteria (birthdate + address, etc)
  • Easy way to find incomplete information about patrons (Unclear)
  • Ability to go straight from borrower record to relevant item record and vice versa
  • Ability to override copy specific holds and change them to bib level holds
  • Two-sided, color receipt options (adventise events, suggest books, etc)
  • Intergrated online payment of book sale management and payment
  • Management of physical hardware (such as laptops, etc) (Unclear)
  • Ability to apply payment on fines before overdue item is checked in
  • The ability to have a library specific end-of-semester date, beyond which date no items will be due (for FLMS) (??)
  • Ability to charge for expired holds
  • Ability to email cko receipts to patrons
  • Ability to remember last barcode entered
  • Show blocks in chronological order
  • Ability to create electronic online cards (with canceling after x number of days)
  • Ability to see checkout history (annual and cumulative) of each item in individual library database ( if patron can choose whether or not to keep history)
  • Automatically update age stats based on birthdate (i.e. automatically change bstat from juvenile to adult)
  • Combo of group logins and individual so we can use a group login for general circ but then must use specific individual login for features such as claimed returned, lost, etc
  • Library card can become a debit like card for the library functions


Not Needed


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