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Administration Features



First Thoughts

I'm using this section to jot down my initial thoughts but eventually everything should be listed in one of the categories below: Required, Strongly Preferred, Optional but Nice to Have, and Not Needed.

  • Example of what strike through would look like with a feature we decide we don't need - This also allows another person to remove the strike through if they feel it's a valuable feature after all.



(New ILS must have these features)

  • Ability to run unattended nightly backups of the system
  • Ability to make configuration changes to specific libraries without affecting other libraries.  This includes ability to have different fine/fee structure
  • Ability to extract specific library’s bib records, holdings, patrons, and transactions should that library decide to leave the district
  • Ability to extract all of district bib records, holdings, patrons, and transactions should library decide to migrate to another vendor
  • Ability to develop and run customized reports
  • Low bandwidth
  • Tolerant of momentary network interruptions
  • Support VM and license to have second VM for backup purposes
  • Standard database (not vendor proprietary database)
  • Compatible with XP, Vista
  • Full support from vendor for core system (online, phone, email support options need to be available)
  • Works with 3M or other 3rd party vendors
  • Comprehensive training with knowledgable expert when migrating
  • Allow different security levels for staff users depending on library functions
  • Fully managed by vendor (including installation and ongoing maintenanace, support)
  • System requried activites are automated/scheduled as to not require human intervention in order to process
  • Operational x percent of time (figure out exact percentage later)


Strongly Preferred

  • Ability to make software upgrades to the system during off-hours, without requiring downtime for libraries
  • Ability to add new libraries to the system while the system is operational for existing libraries
  • Ability to run periodic purges of expired patron records, including those with outstanding transactions against them
  • Full web-clients available (specifically for circ/search functions)
  • Works with existing services such as iron mountain, envisionware, TM3, Debt Collect, self-check/RFID etc.
  • Compatible with variety of environments such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc
  • Good password management (expire passwords on certain days, etc)
  • Ability to make batch changes to patrons, items and bibs
  • Vendor proactively manages the system including activities such as required system and database patches, data base tuning and optimization, ...etc
  • Vendor proactively provides reports (monthly, quarterly) on system helath including space used, database reports, etc
  • Consistent and easy to use interface for staff  (logical...)
  • Vendor provides initial training and video clips for ongonig and new staff education
  • Web client STRONGLY (STRONGLY) preferred
  • Primary account rep and assigned technial team for our account(s)
  • Minimize local machine options (like import variables, etc)


Optional but Nice to Have

  • Works in clustered environment
  • Logging so we know which users changed which borrower records, etc


Not Needed


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